Gemeinschaft der Elternräte an Stadtteilschulen in Hamburg


The Community of Parents' Advisory Councils at City District Schools in Hamburg – in short called GEST – is the pool and network of the parents’ advisory councils of all 58 Hamburg District Schools.

At the beginning of every school year each parents’ advisory council elects a delegate and his or her substitute onto this panel.

The educational reform as a two-column model consistung of City District Schools and Grammar Schools offers chances we want to put to good use.

Proceeding from the Association of Parents’ Advisory Councils of Comprehensive Schools in Hamburg (ARGE), the GEST has also opened up to all the new established district schools. By including the parents’ advisory councils of all district schools the GEST considers herself a common, strong lobby support for our school form.

The co-determination body for parents GEST meets every second Tuesday in a month (except for the holidays) in the main conference hall of the education authorities in 41, Hamburger Strasse.

In these meetings information is being transmitted that may be of importance to parents’ advisory councils of the district schools. Besides, the delegate of each school has a chance of reporting on their schools, introducing pedagogic, organisational, and other topics, and putting questions to a representative of the Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung (“Board for School and Vocational Training”, i.e. the education authorities) as well as working on various special issues using different working methods.

At the GEST we mutually support one another in order to better depict problems within the schools as well as in front of the authorities. Together we promote the district school concerns in public. When one parents’ advisory council does not get along on its own anymore, it may find allies via the GEST in order to look for answers together.


At the GEST we safeguard the parents’ and schoolchildren’s interests at city district schools and support future-oriented education politics:

ñ   continue to develop and depict district-school-style points of view and their outward propagation

ñ   ensure the flow of information between academic experts, political bodies, official representatives, headmasters, parents, and students/pupils

ñ  ensure the exchange of experience between city district schools

In the school year 2010 / 2011 the GEST dealt - among other things - with the following topics:

ñ   the future of city district schools

ñ   educational reform in Hamburg

ñ   inclusion of the new city district schools

ñ   changes in organisation and resources at the district school locations (rooms, teaching staff)

ñ   self-accountable school

ñ   regional school development conferences

ñ   Hamburg School Board of Works (Schulbau Hamburg)

ñ   internal differentiation




Further topics that are reflected in our work are:

ñ   provide lunch at city district schools

ñ   integration and teaching tolerance &xnbsp;

ñ   supply of lessons, shortage of teachers, provision of schools with teaching and learning material as well as pedagogically furnished classrooms and labs

ñ   relationship based on partnership between teachers, headmasters, schoolchildren, and parents as well as further education for all of these groups

ñ   opening lessons: teachers and schoolchildren learn together and together stay curious

ñ   cross-curricular project-oriented lessons, age mixed groups

ñ   breaking up the rigid school time structure

ñ   bringing in experts from outside the school

ñ   written reports on what progresses are being made in learning instead of reports with marks (orientation towards “key skills”)

It shouldn’t be tomorrow’s school – it is today’s school that has to be democratic.

We want a child-oriented school and we don’t want school-oriented children. We want a school for the children that motivates learning where childen are learning, having fun.

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Together we're stronger!






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